Price list

Bravo London accomplished wardrobe designs and price

This is an example of a three door wardrobe. Bravo London takes into consideration your wants and needs and helps you create a practical convenient outcome which will benefit you every day. The doors are from our satin range which are high end and our most popular. We have used a silver aluminium profile with one silver mirror glass and two satin range glass doors which were designed using a technical drawing with the quotation to show our customers the overall look before it is sent to production to make sure our customers are 100% happy with what we have designed for them.

The interior have been produced by over qualified engineers who take the design and make it practical and installed to a high standard. This wardrobe is £2,500 considering draws, shelving and our satin range glass.

Price - 2.500£

An example of another fitted wardrobe and another happy client. This is a three hinged door wardrobe fitted in a unique space however Bravo London designed a great sloution. The use of shelveing and hanging space gives the effect of a large wardrobe, which has similar properties. the hinged doors and interior are used with the same highly durable melamine panels for the frame with 18mm thickness which allows more room for storage. The chrome handles are high quality and provide a modern finish, the sheleves give a vairety of storage options which also compliments the hanging space. This wardrobe cost £1400.

Price - 1.400£

This a three sectioned sliding door wardrobe using white frosted glass, bronze aluminium profile and egger melamine for the interior. Bravo London considered all aspects of the customer’s idea and made it possible. We installed draws, hanging space, shelving as well as a section for the customer to put there television. We exceeded their expectations and received excellent feedback which is very important to our company. This wardrobe was priced at £2950,00 including installation and VAT.

Price - 2.950£

This is Bravo London’s basic 2 door wardrobe design. Using bronze aluminium profile with mirrored glass for the doors. While using highly durable melamine for the interior, this wardrobe costs £1450. 

Why didn’t the customer just buy a two door wardrobe?

At Bravo London we provide and install a wardrobe guaranteed to fit due to our engineer taking exact measurements making sure it is a perfect fit. We also provide top quality doors manufactured ourselves. Bravo London gives you a high end service as well as taking into consideration your budget and what you want to achieve. We allow you to take your time and work around your availability including letting you design the wardrobe however you like making it a successful storage solution.

Price - 1.450£

This is another example of Bravo London’s hinged doors which is something we do not do often. This a five door wardrobe with three interior sections with draws, shelving and hanging space. Using high gloss melamine for interior, using the same high gloss melamine and mirrored glass for the hinged doors. Bravo London went and visited the individual’s home giving them a free design and quotation then had it made and installed by the following week. We take pride in our customer feedback and quality of our work. We make sure the measurements and design is correct and installed to a professional high standard.

This wardrobe has a value of £2650 considering 5 doors, draws, shelving and hanging space. The customer was very pleased with her value for money and impressive quality. 

Price - 2.650£

This is a different example of how Bravo London has worked with limited space effectively. This allows the customer to have a storage system using little space as possible and our company made that happen. We designed, crafted and installed cabinets and two bed side tables which is fitted around a double bed leaving them with space around the room. Using matte melamine for the interior and hinged doors, which the customer was more than happy with. The price of the project cost £2200.

Price - 2.200£

This a three sectioned wardrobe with a unique layout and height. Bravo London specialises with unique spaces that other bespoke company will refuse to do. This why we believe our company can make anything possible. With the height of 3.2m we used a lot of material however very effective. With 2 sets of top shelves and 2 sets of hanging space for each section. With one section having a different layout and shape. The client we designed, crafted and installed for was happy we could produce his idea with great height and has recommended us to everyone he knows.

Price - 2.200£

This is one of Bravo London’s proud projects. This wardrobe was fitted at a sloped angle due the back wall not being straight. Bravo London made an impossible task an effective storage space. Using melamine for the interior and sliding doors gives a professional finish with a subtle middle section of frosted glass. We designed, crafted and installed a fully functioning wardrobe which fitted perfectly. Bravo London installed shelving and hanging rails to give a simple finish for a complicated design. The client we produce this wardrobe for was extremely pleased with the results as well as our professional process and customer service.

Price - 1.700£

Bravo London’s sliding doors

Bravo London has a vast variety of materials for sliding doors. From crocodile leather to satin glass. We provide both high end and basic designs depending on the client’s budget. We provide any type of material possible as well as great range of aluminium profile in all shapes, sizes and colours. We provide alternatives to leather which is cost effective, we have considered every aspect for sliding doors and take pride in supplying to the majority of North West London companies and singular clients.

Our leather doors are approx. 1.000£ a meter