3 door wardrobe
Kensington Style sliding wardrobe in bedroom by Bravo
January 9, 2017
Runway Style sliding wardrobe in living area by Bravo
January 9, 2017

Virginia style sliding wardrobe in living area by Bravo

3 door wardrobe with leather strips Kensington -1

3 door wardrobe with leather strips Kensington -1

Virginia style sliding wardrobe

Impressive architecture, detailed designing, ample space, lighting provision, a wide range of patterns and appealing shades; this is what makes a perfect choice for a wardrobe in your living area. Even small components like leather handles with steel casing are given proper attention so that it looks as unique and classy as the wardrobe itself.

The sliding doors of this wardrobe are glossy and you can see it shining beautifully. The interiors are well polished too. It brings a whole world of storage where you can keep all items, big and small. Add hooks for hanging clothing items or simply stash away bulky stuff.

What our designers put in is lots of experience and experimenting to come up with a wardrobe collection that is exclusive and never seen before. While it continues to remain traditional in its feel, it is constantly upgraded to meet current trends and styles. Lastly, don’t worry about bulkiness because the wardrobe is compact enough to occupy minimal space available.

The sleek lines of the Chelsea wardrobe will complement the room. The sliding doors add benefit to it as you don’t have to worry about blocking due to open doors with outer swing. All in all, you get enough storage for accommodating all sorts of art and craft items that you might want to keep closer to living areas.

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