Our Top 9 Sliding Door Wardrobe Designs

Are you in need of a useful and functional piece of furniture, that will provide you with all of the storage space you need, to keep whatever type of belongings you want away from sunlight exposure, dust, and moisture? But it also has to be stylish and well fitted-in with your interior. To be of your personal taste, so that you like it every time you lay your eyes on it. Well, yes, who doesn’t want and need that?

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Everybody wants to have their wardrobe with sliding doors out of the latest trends, made out of high-quality materials, guaranteed to last a long time. Closets and cabinets with sliding doors can be said to be essential and to be showing creativity because they are functional and easy to use. This feature is what helps your home look luxurious because it endeavours a sense of aesthetic beauty. And it is very different from any other wardrobe vision.

So, that is why we have decided to show you the top best nine wardrobes with sliding doors designs, and you can find the perfect one for you and your home! 

1. The built-in wardrobe with sliding doors for your children’s bedroom

Not many children out there like to keep a tidy bedroom, just because they really don’t care about how their room looks. They would leave all of the wardrobe and cabinet doors open, and all of their stuff spilt on the floor. It is a fact that we are the ones who have to teach them to take care of their belongings, and it is sure that they will be more motivated to tidy and keep their clothes folded and stored if they have the wardrobe with sliding doors in their rooms. With such a beautiful piece of furniture present in their premises, they will feel as if they have to maintain the atmosphere it is bringing and will make sure that they do. It will bring comfort, and it will be a typical child’s room because you, as a parent with the help of their opinion can choose the style, colour, shape, size, and panels. That way, you will make sure they like it! And the built-in option that you have will ensure that they have enough storage for the belongings, and have enough room to play in.

2. Wardrobes with sliding doors and mirrors

Now let’s move into the bedroom or living room, wherever you need a wardrobe. And let’s make it more contemporary and modern because we will be adding mirrors to it. And what is more stylish than that? We can argue that this is the best wardrobe design to have in your home if you are asking why here is the answer! Not only is it beautiful, but it can also be fitted, which as you know means the same storage space as the stand-alone wardrobe and more room space for you to use. It is also very functional and will show your guests that you are a contemporary person with taste.

Its sliding doors are what makes it so amazing, with an easy to use mechanism. It is also effortless to clean. You just need one microfiber cloth and no chemicals. It can too come in all sizes, shapes, colours, and panels, it is entirely your choice!

Because we like the freedom of people expressing their taste. All of the wardrobe designs, whether they are 2,3,4,5 door sliding wardrobes are made out of a top-class material, which will definitely outlive your expectations.

3. Fitted bedroom wardrobes with sliding doors

If you want to enhance the brightness of your room and make the area more spacious, while keeping the same and even bigger storage room for your clothes and other stuff, then what you need is definitely the fitted wardrobe with sliding door for your bedroom, you can have the bespoke full variety designs of wardrobes with sliding doors! They are made specially and uniquely for each customer. Their aim is to make people’s life easier and more FUNctional!

Undoubtedly, this is the best decision you can make, on what to spend your money on. When it comes to home interior, wardrobes play a crucial role in how the place is going to look like. So, what you need when you are on your way to buy one is the guaranteed high quality of original materials that will not break fast—made to Measure and very reasonable prices! Choose from many different and fantastic wardrobe designs!

4. Your sliding bedroom doors

Let us take you into an adventure! That’s right, a new kind of experience in your home, particularly in your bedroom. Imagine a whole wall-wide wardrobe, where you can store all of your clothes, shoes, hats, bags, and whatnot. So big of a closet that you can even sleep in it if you want. Just joking, of course (not that it isn’t possible).

A space that is big enough so that you would be able to keep all of your things without any problem!

And another remarkable fact is that you will have even more space and freedom of movement with its sliding doors. It is stylish, practical, and luxurious, as you can choose from many different designs. And all of them are made out of the highest quality material that you can ever get a hold of!

5. The bespoke sliding doors

Whether you have just moved-in to a new home and you need to decorate it with a beautiful, big wardrobe, or you wish to renovate the outlook of a bedroom, living room, or a hallway, you can have your bespoke wardrobe with sliding doors made especially for your home! You have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of designs, colours, shapes, sizes, and panels made to fit your home perfectly!

You can pick one of the already made models, or you can combine and create your own unique wardrobe with sliding doors!

Either way, it is going to be one high quality, made of real materials, a functional and stylish wardrobe with sliding doors. You can have it stand-alone or built-in, it is entirely your decision, because it is your house, and things should be just the way you like them! That is why Bravo London is coming to the rescue, allowing you to find the perfect wardrobe for your home, uniquely made for it!

6. Wardrobe with mirrored sliding doors

We have already said so much about the wardrobes with sliding doors, but what about if we add to them some mirrors? Amazing right! Needless to say, how big of an advantage having a built-in wardrobe with sliding doors is, but also having mirrors, adds so much more bonus points to it! You can imagine this one as well, can’t you? And how great it is going to look into your bedroom, living room, or hallway. It will be your trusted helper when getting ready, and all of your guests will admire the style on it! We guarantee that one of those amazingly luxurious designs will perfectly fit into your home, and it won’t be just because it is Made to Measure! But because the professionals know what modern people would really appreciate when it comes to new furniture! You can give your room a new and fresh look with the wardrobes with mirrored sliding doors, and it will look great in any room you want to place it because it will be made precisely for that room in your home!

7. Glass sliding wardrobes

If you have a little extra taste for luxury, then what you need is the wardrobe with glass sliding doors! It looks fantastic, because it is simple, with a clean design, bringing elegance in your home! And there are many different colours, shapes, sizes, and panels to choose from. This is the place where you have total freedom to express your unique taste and get an equally unique wardrobe, big enough to store whatever you want to place in there. And at the same time, it will give you more room space, because it will be fitted, of course! We can argue that fitted wardrobes are the best ones! They just provide you with everything! And even more, they give you luxury, because their design can suit any home, and you can express yourself by combining different materials, to create the one that you like most. After that, you let the professionals bring your creation into your home!

8. Real wood wardrobes with sliding doors

We are absolutely sure that, just by scrolling through the wardrobe gallery, there are at least three different wardrobe designs that you like most. Are we right? Of course, because what is not to love about the wooden wardrobes with sliding doors? We can tell you a little bit more about the products, but the most important thing that we can say is that they are made out of real wood! This is a not so common practice anymore because most manufacturers are turning to cheaper materials. But that also means the wardrobe is going to break much sooner. Instead, Bravo London uses only original wooden material, to ensure that their wardrobes will outlive many people’s expectations because they are made to last! They are made with great attention to the last detail, and they all look costly, while actually very cost-effective, and they bring great style in every person’s home! You can safely bet on those who use real material!

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9. Grey sliding wardrobe

It is no coincidence that the grey wardrobe with sliding doors is called Prestige! It is called that because it is genuinely prestigious, and that is the way it makes your home look when you have it in any room!

It doesn’t matter if it is a 2,3,4,5 door wardrobe, in fact, the bigger, the better!

It fits all of your belongings in there, it looks impressive, and you won’t be even noticing how big your wardrobe is, because it is fitted into the wall! You can either have the prestigious Prestige, or you can choose some of its parts and combine it with other wardrobe parts. That way, you can have your personal, uniquely made wardrobe! If we failed to convince you that the sliding doors wardrobe is your best choice, then you simply need to take a look through the gallery and convince yourself, with the help of the masterly crafted wardrobes with incredible designs!

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Let’s sum up

The recommended place to buy your new wardrobe with sliding doors is Bravo London! As this is a company that has been on the market for many years and have gained a lot of experience in the wardrobe manufacturing business. They have managed to build long-term work relationships with many different providers and associates, which means that they have a wide variety of different materials to use when making a wardrobe! Which is also what enables them to keep a low price in exchange for the highest quality materials! They can offer you many different wardrobe designs, but you can also make your own, choosing from different parts of many wardrobes, and all of them are Made to Measure, especially for your home! We are more than happy to inform you that you have found a trustworthy manufacturing company that can and will give you everything you want if you just ask!

It is time for a new and fresh interior!

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