How To Build a Fitted Wardrobe

If you think building your own fitted wardrobe is hard, we are here to tell you IT’S NOT!

Even better, you can complete this whole DIY project in 2-3 days, so better clear out your weekend.

In this piece, we are going to show you how it can be done… simply!

There is a common problem in most bedrooms— too many things to store but not enough space for storage.

This all leads to lots of items and clutter stored in all kinds of unfeasible places. If you are facing the same problem and want to do something about it, then continue reading to learn how to build a fitted wardrobe…

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Easy DIY guide on how to build a built-in wardrobe from scratch using MDF

A built-in wardrobe helps you to make the most out of your space without having to spend thousands making it.

You can fit a wardrobe anywhere in your house be it in a corner of your room, or underneath your staircase, helping you to expand your storage space.

One of the best things about custom-built fitted wardrobe is that you can customize it however you want which makes it compatible with any type of existing furniture or colour schemes.

It is very simple to make your own fitted wardrobe using MDF boards.

Ready? Let’s see the steps to do it.

Choose the space

Firstly, you need to make a decision where do you want to fit the wardrobe.

Then you need to measure this space for planning.

If space on the floor is limited, you will need to make use of the maximum height available.

Set the dimensions

Once you are done with determining the space, you will need to figure out and set the dimensions of your wardrobe.

In an ideal situation, you should have 50cm of door width.

Also, bear in mind how the doors would open and the inside layout of the wardrobe.

It is also a good idea to plan ahead about the things you want to store in the wardrobe.

That will help you to figure out the numbers of shelves, drawers, hanging space.

Get the right tools

The following are the tools you will need to do this project. These tools will make your job as easy as possible.

You’ll need:

  • A saw
  • Suitable adhesive (like glue)
  • Screwdriver
  • Wood plane
  • Measuring tape
  • Screws of various lengths
  • Electric drill


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Define compartments and frames

For this step, you will have to spend quite a bit of time to plan on paper.

You need to define all compartments that you intend to make in your wardrobe along with various parts and panels you will need to make for each compartment inside your wardrobe.

For the outer parts and inner compartments of the wardrobe, 18mm panels of MDF will be ideal, whereas, for door panels, 12mm wide panels will be a good fit.

In order to save your effort and time, you should take the dimensions of all individual parts of the wardrobe when going to the timber store to buy MDF because many of them will cut MDF for you according to your dimensions.

You will easily be able to do smaller and finer cuts at home with the help of handsaw, but longer cuts will take much effort and time unless you make use of a great quality circular saw or jigsaw.

Start the process by setting up the wardrobe’s outer frame.

Then, reinforce all joints of this outer frame with screws as well as corner brackets.

After you put this structure in place, we can move on to setting up the other inner compartments. i.e. shelves and drawers.

Drawers & shelves

Before starting on these inner compartments, you need to make sure that you mark all the parts and panels to make it easier for you.

It also a good practice to create grooves that will allow the inside sliding of required panels before screwing these panels with the horizontal ones or to vertical ones.

Make sure to align everything properly.

Drawers are constructed in the following way:

Take 4 parts, measure them, glue them to each other, and screw them up with each other.

Attach runners to the sides, and check if they fit and align by inserting them into the wardrobe.

You should also attach a front panel to give the drawers more sturdiness and also for the installation of the knob.

In order to make the shelves (much easier than drawers to make), you need panels and the side fittings. Place the panels on side fittings and insert them into their designated places in the wardrobe.

Finally comes the installation of the doors! Your wardrobe is almost finished.

Wardrobe materials & Finishing

When it comes to materials, you will require several MDF boards to be cut to the required sizes.

You won’t need to sand the MDF much as it is smooth. Sanding will only be needed at edges where you made the cuts.

Handles & Hardware
You will need several screws. Choose those screws that won’t make large holes when attached to the panels.

For drawers, you will require drawer runners.

You will also need handles and knobs for the drawers and doors of your wardrobe.

For sturdiness, we recommend that you use corner brackets and also shelves’ brackets.

And that’s it... you are done!

We told you it is really easy!

Some affordable materials, basic tools, hardware, and a proper plan is all you need!

Although it is easy, our recommendation is that you shouldn’t do this type of project yourself. Why? Because there are many things that can go wrong because you are not a professional builder.

We recommend that you hire joinery specialists who will make sure that your project goes smoothly and according to your requirements.

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