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Got your design….what happens next?

27 Nov

Many people are intrigued about what happens once the designs are in place and you’ve agreed that you want to go ahead with your order for a bespoke, handcrafted and beautifully crafted wardrobe.

Here’s how it works…


Once you’ve met with one of our wonderful team of design experts, and decided on the perfect storage for your needs, our highly-skilled installation team seamlessly take over the process.


Our installers normally work in pairs, from 9 to 5, and, as a simple single wardrobe fitting can take as little as one day to complete, we recommend that you only need to include one extra pack of biscuits in your weekly shop (preferably chocolate)!!!


The install team take great pride in their work, and it’s usual for them to do the majority of the build far away from the site in will end up occupying – in our workshop. Half-building the wardrobe offsite means that there’s less inconvenience for you as all they need to do is simply make the framing on site and piece it all together.


Our wonderful production team are highly skilled and each of our handy workmen has a minimum of 5 years’ experience. Just like everyone here at Bravo London, they work extremely hard and take great pride in what they do.  Some of them have worked with us for over 8 years so you can imagine some of the stories they can tell!


The production team are a group of perfectionists, and, once the installation is complete, they check everything with a fine-tooth comb to ensure all the components work perfectly, leaving you to stand back and admire.


Now, which drawer will you choose for your socks…?