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A fitted wardrobe transforms empty space into something useful and beautiful. Get organised in the most fashionable way possible.

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A fitted wardrobe makes a beautiful bedroom

Your bedroom should be a relaxed and peaceful haven for recreation and sleep. Our designers work to create a balanced and beautiful design that will maximise your storage and add to your bedroom style.

Engaging the project of your fitted wardrobe, our professional designers will create a one of a kind fitted wardrobe to reflect your personality. We provide a whole range of designs, colours, patterns, sizes and shapes that blend with the planned interiors of your bedroom

It doesn’t matter how creative or unique your style is, our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations.

Matching the widespread style of London.

London Architecture covers everything from the ancient times of Londinium, to the hypermodern glass structures being built today. Therefore, we find it crucial to match and adapt to any wardrobe space available. A fitted wardrobe becomes a part of your home and ads to the style and architecture of your surroundings.

An old home could be a modern place and a new building could cast a glare of tradition. Whatever style you have chosen, our designers will create a solution to suit your needs.

In fact, we offer a free design visit to show you what we can do.

Free design visit to create your fitted wardrobe

Book a free design visit from us and our designer will bring samples and materials to your home. When you have discussed some ideas a sketch is drawn, and the designer helps you choose the right materials. 

Back at the office we will prepare a 3D design based on the sketch that was drawn and then create a quote. If you like what you see, we will take care of everything from production to completely fitting your new furniture.

If not, you are without any obligation. As simple as that.

To make sure everything is perfect we also produce the bespoke wardrobes in Great Britain.

Made in Great Britain

We manufacture the parts for all the wardrobes in Great Britain. This is so we can have full control of the process and guarantee the highest possible quality. That’s why we are confident to give you a 10 years warranty on every inch of wardrobe.

We are driven by design, quality and smart solutions. By automating all the little tasks of the production process, we can focus our energy to the more skilled part of the work.

Our products represent the culmination of state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and technical perfection combined with the care and skill of our highly dedicated workforce. The Bravo Joinery has developed, manufactured and supplied both homeowners, architects and specifiers for more than a decade.

Keeping a high focus on durability and design has been the cornerstone to our success. It’s this philosophy that has made Bravo a trusted name in fitted wardrobes for more than a decade. 

Bravo foundation

We care about providing you with the best products and solutions in the market and we are excited about wardrobes. Still, furniture is not everything. We are also on a mission to be a good employer, a good neighbour and to support causes that provide the essentials for a better life.

For that reason, we have created the Bravo foundation to support relevant projects throughout the UK. By helping charities, local good causes or community activity we aim to improve lives now and in the future.

Both the corporation and our employees respond to causes and programs with a financial contribution, donating products and volunteer time. Quality is not just about choosing materials; it is also about choosing a way of life.

Fitted wardrobes from Bravo London

There is a good chance that you will outlive your new fitted wardrobe. That is at least what we are aiming for. We want to give you a wardrobe solution that will suit to your needs for as long as you will need it to.

Fitted wardrobes designed and installed by Bravo London are some of the highest quality fitted bedroom furniture you will ever find. This may be a bold statement, but we dare to say this because we take great pride in designing and manufacturing the best possible furniture in the market. 

We don’t just sell you a wardrobe. We take on the responsibility of designing and producing a customised solution that will have an impact on your life. Getting you organised and contributing to the architecture of your home.

If you are curious about our team and what we can do for you, just book a free design visit for fitted wardrobes.



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