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Bespoke wardrobes will make the most out of the space that you have available. We at Bravo London cannot wait to create your new wardrobe.

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Getting a bespoke wardrobe isn’t just about storing your stuff. It’s about getting organised and maximising your available space, thus increasing quality of life. The surroundings we place ourselves in, have a significant effect on how we feel.

With great looking design and smart systems, we can help you get organized in any type of home, and with any amount of space. It’s just about making the most of every inch.

Maybe you are looking for a huge walk-in wardrobe and dressing room solution. Maybe you have some available space underneath your staircase that you want to put to good use? Whatever you are looking for we take pride in providing the finest wardrobe solution suited to your taste, budget and space.

Made in Great Britain!

We build our wardrobes in Great Britain so we can have full control of the prosses and guarantee the highest possible quality. Therefore, we’ll give you a 10 years warranty on every inch of wardrobe. Fitted to your home and built for life.

We offer a wide range of colours and styles and everything is made-to-measure for no extra cost. It’s all about getting you the perfect bespoke wardrobe fitted in your London home.

How do we do it?

We are driven by design, quality and smart solutions. By automating all the tiny tasks of a production prosses, we can focus all our energy to the more skilled work.

Hand finishing for one, makes a significant difference to the longevity of every wardrobe. Our products represent the culmination of state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and technical perfection combined with the care and skill of our highly dedicated workforce.

It’s the Bravo way of doing things that has made us a trusted name in wardrobes all over London, for more than a decade.

Book a visit!

If you are curious about how we can create your new bespoke wardrobe, just book a free design visit. Our designer brings samples and materials to your home. From there a sketch is drawn, and we’ll help you choose the right materials and storing solutions - fitted for your home.

When we get back to the office, we’ll prepare a 3D design based on the sketch, and create a quote. From there you decide the path we take. If you want to go for it, we will make it happen and take care of everything. A new bespoke wardrobe tailor made for your home.

If not, you are without any obligation. As simple as that.

Fitted wardrobes from Bravo London


Even though we give a 10-year warranty, chances are you’ll outlive your new wardrobe. That’s what we are aiming for. Giving you a solution that will suit to your needs and last for as long as you’ll need it to.

Bespoke wardrobes designed and installed by us are of the highest quality fitted bedroom furniture in London. We dare to say this because we take great pride in designing the best products, with bespoke fitted hinged and sliding door solutions.

We don’t just sell you a wardrobe. We take on the responsibility of designing and producing a customized solution that will have an impact on your life. Getting you organized and contributing to the architecture of your home.

If you are curious about our team and what we can do for you, just book a free design visit. We use the Bravo way to deliver the best bespoke wardrobes.


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