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The finest bespoke joinery in London is based on design and created with  craftsmanship and passion. 

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Bravo – Bespoke Joinery

We are driven by design, quality and passion for handcrafted furniture. Every little piece manufactured has gone thru design, creation and hand finishing before reaching your home or project.

Because we mechanise even the simplest tasks in our production, we are able to focus all of our energy to the more skilled part of our work. The hand finishing makes a significant difference to the longevity of the furniture.

That is why our furniture represents the culmination of state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, combined with the care and skill of our highly dedicated workforce. This is the Bravo way of engaging any project, for your home, your restaurant, or any other location.

We use our experienced designers to create the design, before our skilled joiners use their craftsmanship and modern technology to complete your project.  

If you are curious, just start with a free design visit.

Free design visit

Bespoke joinery is all about fitting the customised furniture to its surroundings. The furniture shouldn’t just fit, it should also add a new dimension to its environment.

The best way to make this happen is to start with a free design visit. You and our designer will sketch out some ideas and find the perfect solution. From a sketch drawn on site, the designer will prepare a 3D design, and offer you a quote for the project. If you like what you see, we will take care of everything from production to completely fitting your new furniture.

If not, you are without any obligation. As simple as that.

Should you choose to let us manage your project, everything will be produced locally.

Joinery from Bravo

We need to have full control of the process. Therefore, we have chosen to produce everything in London. This gives us the means to guarantee the highest possible quality on all our products. That’s why we are also confident when we give you a 10 years warranty on every inch of furniture created by our joiners.

By keeping a high focus on durability and design the Bravo joinery has become a trusted name within bespoke joinery all over London. Bravo has developed, manufactured and supplied both homeowners, architects and specifiers for more than a decade. Still, we are just getting started.

Bravo Joinery – Made to last

Whenever we build something, we build it to last. What we are aiming for is that when we are all gone, the bespoke joinery made by Bravo in London, will still be around to serve a purpose. Quality made to serve us today, and server our children tomorrow.


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