9 Advantages of Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes

What is it that is so great about fitted bedroom wardrobes? Well, what isn’t so great about them? They have been becoming a trend on full speed for the last couple of years, and the reason behind that is totally agreeable with!

Today, it is a much better and preferred solution to old-fashioned wardrobes, because they are stylish and functional, and we will be more than happy to tell you all about the built-in wardrobes and why they are perfect for every contemporary home, for every owner that wants to have comfort and luxury every day! And we know where you can find them!

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Olga Valery Mayorova said:

Beautiful fitted wardrobes and excellent service! We were thrilled with the fitted wardrobes in our Central London office - great design, excellent quality and an impressive work from the BRAVO team! A special thanks to Roman. Overall our experience with BRAVO LONDON LTD was very positive and we will not hesitate to ask for their service again.”

1. Space friendly!

We know nobody wants to feel like they are living in a tiny box, and sometimes big wardrobes can help increase this feeling in the bedroom. We all like spacious rooms and big furniture. That is why the fitted wardrobe is perfect if you are definitely one of those people! We can go on and on about how great they are, but you really have to experience having such a piece of furniture in your home to know exactly what we mean. Yet, it gives you all of the storage room you need to keep your belongings tucked away and non-visible, and it allows you to use the whole room space for whatever else you want to place inside of the bedroom. It obviously is a win-win situation, and it is all for your benefit. You won’t even notice that there is a wardrobe inside because it won’t be taking any of the room you like to use for other stuff.


2. Tidier storage!

You are moving on to the next best thing of having a fitted wardrobe. And it is that you will always feel as if every day someone is tidying up your room. Because with a wardrobe like this, if you are like us, you will want to keep it tidy and clean all the time, and you will be more than happy to do it! It is just as if it compels you too! With the help of a fitted wardrobe, you will want your bedroom to always look like an adult one.

Nice, fresh, clean, and stylish!

Its many compartments inside, shelves, drawers, and hanger space allows you to put in so many items. Oh, and we forgot to tell you that the deal can be sweetened even more! Because you can have a fitted wardrobe with sliding doors! It is not only a luxury everybody wants in their environment; it is great for every contemporary home in the UK because it brings in style and makes the room stand out even more. And it is way more functional than you are used to.

3. Great use of space!

We probably already convinced you that you get the ultimate space saver and at the same time storage for all of your items, without making your room look smaller or not designed well enough. We can say that whoever came up with this idea is a great person! Because they were really thinking about how to help out people with better furniture. And the reason those fitted wardrobes are getting so popular is that they serve their purpose with excellence! So, we are all hands on deck when we are telling you that if you have decided you need a new one, this is for you!

4. Personalization, custom-tailored!

What do you think about having a wardrobe made only for you? Yes, Bravo London will do that for you! They offer their clients bespoke designs so that you can have the most unique one in the entire UK! Which means it is all going to be according to you, your taste, and your room! The professionals, from a company that has been in the business for such a long time, have a positive personal attitude toward every customer, in order to leave all of them fully satisfied. They strive not to disappoint, but to build a network of happy clients and see the smiles on their faces every time! That is why they take it very seriously whenever they have a project to work on, and they make sure they take all of the necessary steps to execute and to exceed your expectations!

Every fitted wardrobe is custom-tailored, to fit in perfectly in the free space you have!

5. You can give your contribution – be a designer!

The next is even better! We have been very enthusiastic about this, but let us transfer some of it on you even more! You have the total freedom of creating the vision of your own new wardrobe! Yes, that is right! Bravo London offers its customers this advantage. They do have many fantastic designs already that you can choose from, but you can participate in the process. They would be more than happy to hear your ideas and realize them for you! The interior options that you have are meant to suit your lifestyle and your taste. After all, it is going to be you being in that bedroom every day. Why not make sure that you love what you see every time you look at your fitted wardrobe? You can choose a couple of their ready-made and mix and match until you come up with the one you love the most! Get an idea from here!

6. Easier cleaning process!

We love this! We bet you will too! Surely, nobody likes cleaning that much, but how about something that gets cleaned so easily that you just do it with pleasure? We know how it sounds, but believe us, it is true! It has never been easier to keep your wardrobe so clean, and in order, you don’t even need any special equipment or cleaning supplies! Just a microfiber cloth! Isn’t it awesome?! Its surface is so smooth that you just need one fluent movement and all fingerprints are now gone! The dust is gone too! And because of its design, you won’t have to deal with dust that often, even though we produce tons of it every day. Five-minute job and there you have it – your wardrobe is clean!

7. Flexible prices for all budget levels!

My oh my, did we give you a head spin of good news? Well, there is always room for more, because we have them coming! What do you say about all we described for the fitted wardrobes already, and if we tell you that you don’t have to waste all of your money on one piece of furniture? We know, it is a little hard to believe! But Bravo London has it all figured out for you! Don’t worry; they won’t set you up with any low-quality materials! And we know it for a fact because they have been wardrobe manufacturers for such a long time, they have built strong and reliable work relationships with many partners, and they have a warranty on each of their wardrobes! All of this allows them to deliver to you your most desired wardrobe, made of the highest quality material, at a great price! Now you don’t have to save up an entire year for it!

8. Great investment!

All of the above is proof of a fitted wardrobe being a great investment for your bedroom and for yourself! Top-class materials will last you for a very long time, the colours won’t fade, and it will not break easily! You will have the ultimate storage room for all of your belongings, and you will still be able to use an entire bedroom for whatever else you like!

And as we already said, you can have the most luxurious designed wardrobe; it won’t only look amazing with the rest of your interior, it will be created according to your taste and room dimensions.

It will also perfectly serve its purpose for many years to come!

9. The easiest process and a quick job!

Honestly, it happens so fast that you won’t even realize when the assembling team has left your house, and you have the pleasure of putting all of your clothes in the new wardrobe! The first time they will come into your home, they will simply inspect the available walls they can use. The team would like to know about your preferences, like positioning, size, shape, panels, colours, if you would like mirrors or glass. Once they have all of the information and measurements they need, they will head back to the company and manufacture your wardrobe. It will be ready to be assembled in your home within days, and the professionals will do their job for less than a day!

No need to wonder any longer!

We say, now is the time for something new! Something that will complete the look of your bedroom and will do it fashionably! There is no reason to hesitate, as you will not be left disappointed if you choose to have a fitted wardrobe in your bedroom because it comes with all of those great advantages. Express yourself in your interior with an amazing piece of furniture!

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