Hinged Wardrobes

Do you think you have seen enough of sliding doors? Are you looking for a different option? Well, hinged wardrobes are a perfect choice in that case. But what can it provide?

When you look for storage solution, then mostly the sliding wardrobes or walk-in closets make it sound monotonous. So, Bravo London offers you another variety in storage units: hinged wardrobes. These wardrobes were created keeping in mind different users and their different needs. The designers work really hard to analyze what unique system can be created for those who want something out of the box for their house in the UK.

In this case, their hard work paid off in the form of hinged storage systems. While it is obvious that these wardrobes have doors that open and close on hinges, there is an additional advantage. It gives a concealing effect to your storage closet, unless you choose a glass door. But the attributes are not limited to this.

You can check out different types of handles that offer satin or polished finish, depending on your personal taste and preferences. Furthermore, you can add key locks too. If you are opting for glass door, then it can be ordered frameless to blend it with contemporary interiors of your room. Another additional benefit of glass door is that turning on the lights in your room, floods with light your wardrobe too. So, unless you really need to fish something out of your storage unit or something that you have forgotten after keeping it there, you can easily locate your belongings without separate turning the light in fitted wardrobe.

If you choose normal doors, then it allows you on privacy that you have always dreamt about. Turning off the lights and closing the door, places everything in a mystery. Such type of the hinged wardrobes is a perfect solution for those who do not like others to peep into their stuff.

Whatever your taste is, you will find it here at Bravo London. No need to worry about the space where you want a wardrobe. All the details will be taken care of by Bravo London and the resultant storage closet will fit perfectly in the available room. No space will be wasted and the entire storage system will become much more efficient thanks to it.

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